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Do you suffer from body aches associated with strained muscles, extreme workouts, mild arthritic pain or aging joints? Our relief oil will ease your discomfort and do just what the name says; provide relief. We have selected a sole source wholesale provider (no middle man retailer), for our 100% Vermont grown and produced hemp derived full-spectrum whole plant extracts. Our 10ml bottle has 250mg of CBD oil. We then add our very own special blend of essential oils created with anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, diurectic, analestic and cooling properties. We use Pomegranate oil as the carrier oil, for its ability to evaporate in the skin swiftly without a greasy feel. This is an oil you HAVE to try. Just a little will go a long way. Expect to feel a subtle cooling sensation then soothing relief. You will not be disappointed!

We at Body Butter Blends are not healthcare professionals. Our passion is creating natural alternatives to over the counter products. Our products should NEVER supercede the advise of a healthcare professional. Before using any product for pain relief we ask that you consult your doctor for their recommendation first. Please consult your physican for any medication you are currently taking prior to using our products to ensure tolerance. Lastly, test on a small patch of skin and wait 24 hours to test tolerance prior to overall use.

CBD Infused Relief oil

  • Clean desired area with soap and water.  Roll a small amount on the desired area. Massage slowly until fully absorbed.  For best results, cover area with a warm towel or a heating pad on a low setting. Wash hands after each application.  NEVER TOUCH YOUR EYES DURING APPLICATION! IF THIS OCCURS, RINSE EYES WITH WATER AND SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY!

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