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Body Butter Blends, LLC was created in 2016 .             The idea to create a moisturizing cream came out of a frustration to find an over the counter product that addressed the mild eczema condition of my son.

In my desperate search for a cream to relieve his itchy dry skin I found that  most over the counter products were too greasy, not moisturizing enough and was full of ingredients that I could not pronounce.  I searched the internet for raw shea butter.  Once I found a brand with the quality I needed, I began adding carrier oils and essential oils such as Lavender, Peppermint, and Tree tea to relieve itching and to calm his inflamed skin. After several failed attempts I created the right combination that soothed and moisturized his skin.

As an economical way to use the excess products I purchased, I began making products for my friends as birthday presents.  I added body safe fragrance oils and essential oils (for my friends who live a more holistic lifestyle) to fragrance their body butters.  After getting so many compliments  and requests for more, I decided it was time to share my creation with the world.

I continue to research raw natural products to enhance all types of skin.  It is my mission to create products that are nourishing to the skin, promote rest, energize the spirit and relax the mind.

Thank you for selecting Body Butter Blends  for your skincare needs.  

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