Delicate Orchid petals dripping with dew drops and fresh rain. Upscale and sophisticated, this beautiful floral and watery ozone fusion has the power to melt away your worries.

Summer Rain 3oz

  • Ensure that your product is stored in a cool and dry place.  Natural butter will begin to soften and melt in temperatures over 75 degrees.  If your body butter begins to melt or soften, place it in the refridgerator for 2 min and it will solidify.  You will not loose any of the healing properties.  

  • Test all products on a small patch of skin and wait 24 hours to see if there will be any allergic reactions to the ingredients.  Body Butters scented with body safe frangrances have  a shelf life of 6 months for date of production.  Body butters without fragranes or scented with essential oils has a shelf life of 1 year from production.  All products can be used passed the discard date but the healing properties of the ingredients will lessen as the product ages past the discard date.  All products will have the discard date listed on the bottom of the container